Writing Challenge – Moon Mystery

Moon through the iPhone by Tui Snider

In honor of last nights spectacular full moon-There has always been a lot of mystery around the full moon as well as romance. This week we are asking that you dig deep and explore mystery and romance in all of it’s glory.

Dam Burst Prompt:

Fiction or Non-Fiction, show us what is waiting for the full moon. Extra points for mixing mystery with romance.

Wet Feet Prompt:

What does the full moon mean to you and when was the first time you ever noticed a full moon?  Write about a time that something important happened in your life and you noticed the moon.

You have 750 words to work with but if you feel finished in less by all means use less.  Remember to link back to this post. We look forward to reading your posts.

Morgan is the contributor for the theme this week. If you have an idea for a prompt please share and we will credit you as the source.

Special Notice:

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“Every prompt we provide at StoryDam is here to spark your flame, however, in that inferno we want to ensure we don’t burn anyone else in our community. What does this mean? Write about what you want, in whatever genre you want, but for our shared Link-Ups please try to keep your writing at a PG-13 level.” ~The Story Dam Team

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  1. Made the Link Up Near the Beginning of the Week This Time Around.

    Just a silly little free write musing on how I have used the moon to represent characters.

    • I am glad you decided to share your story with us. Please enter your link in the above “Click here to enter” so that others will see it and go to your blog to read it.

      Thank you,

  2. Ahhh, I finally got it done. It only took days of thinking and about 3 hours of writing with my kids around, disturbing me every few seconds. Gotta find a time to write when they aren’t around. (Yeah, right!)

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