Community Link-up 4

Time for your weekly Community Link-up. Every week you have the opportunity to link-up whatever you would like to share that would tell us more about you and what you think would benefit the community. I will always give you a suggestion on what you can share but really it is up to you what you link-up. Every week we will be displaying themed photos for spring, summer, fall, and winter with the idea of community and connecting. Such as a picture of your family having a picnic at the park. Please send in your photos that you would like to share on the Community Link-Up post to

The Link-up:

This week I am suggesting any post that shares with us something that you tried for the first time. Leave a comment below telling us a little something about it. Remember to visit your neighbors at minimum, participate in a few of the weekly prompt challenges, and/or share the love by chatting us up on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you like to hang out.

“Every prompt we provide at StoryDam is here to spark your flame, however, in that inferno we want to ensure we don’t burn anyone else in our community. What does this mean? Write about what you want, in whatever genre you want, but for our shared Link-Ups please try to keep your writing at a PG-13 level.” ~The Story Dam Team

See our FAQs for further information.

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  1. Have you wondered how to get your Picture to show up next to your search results in google? I did it, and it was my first time ever mucking about with markup on my blog. I am not a coder, but I like to implement what I can on my own. This was one time when the experiment succeeded!

  2. Well, I am back !I have been gone for awhile, but now deployment is coming to a close, I can focus on my writing, photography and these lovely online communities again.

    I linked up a little tangent I went on a few days ago about why art is, inherently, a difficult industry to ever bother getting into, and that we all make the choice to do it, and need to stop whining about it.

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