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SD31DBBB-Day 3It’s nearly every writer’s nightmare: promotion. I know what you’re thinking, I poured my heart and soul into my writing. It’s wonderful! It’s heart-breaking! The world will love it! Well, that may be true, but how will anyone know how to find it? Just like with our published works, our blogs need a little promotion love. And, I hate to break it to you, but simply putting your blog’s URL in your email signature and on your social media profiles is not enough. When you attempting bring your true audience to your blog, you need to be discriminatory, you want to pick out your best material to share with the world. Today’s task is not about promoting just your blog, it is about promoting a single blog post.

Why Promote A Single Blog Post?

You may be wondering why we should focus on promoting a single post rather than your blog’s front page. The thing is, even with our well-designed elevator pitches, your front page is not as appealing as a focused, direct link about something your audience is interested in. Think about the links that catch your eye as you are browsing the internet. Are you more likely to click on a link for StoryDam website, or on a link for StoryDam’s post called My Favorite Piece of Writing Advice? While the StoryDam community might sound cool, the post actually delivers on the coolness!

Now I want you to think of a blog post that you are proud of on your blog (maybe its the list post your wrote for last week’s assignment). Will people coming to your blog today still be able to find it? How will your readers find that post once it is no longer on your front page?

If you are being truly honest with yourself, some of your blog posts are better than others. It’s time to pick out one of your shining stars to show the public how cool your blog can be. You want to use this pillar material to bring in new readers.

How to Promote a Blog Post

You begin you journey of promotion by thinking of all of the places you have a presence online – social media, forums, email, blogs, blog comments, etc. These are all places where you can promote your blog post. While your brain starts wrestling with these ideas, here are eleven suggestions Darren Rowse gives in 31Days To Build A Better Blog for ways to promote a blog post (along with some links that I thought might be helpful):

  1. Pitching to other bloggers (11 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Being Linked to By A Blogger)
  2. Social networking ( Where Facebook Fits In a Writer’s Life  and Twitter for Writers)
  3. Social Bookmarking (StumbleUpon for Writers)
  4. Internal linking (ie. links on your blog’s sidebar)
  5. Newsletters
  6. In the Comments sections of other blogs
  7. Email signatures (instead of your home page – link to a single post!)
  8. Follow-up posts
  9. Putting money behind your post with an advertising campaign (ie. AdWords or StumbleUpon Advertising)
  10. Pitch to mainstream media (when you have some really amazing content!)
  11. Rewrite a key article for article marketing

Be Sensible About Promotion

As you embark on this journey of self-promotion, remember what your goal is as a blogger. You are looking for your readers. Don’t just blindly promote or spam your followers on Social Media. This is a delicate balance in order to connect with your community. This is your opportunity to put your best content in places where your audience is. Don’t over do it, but don’t ignore it either.

doYourHWYour Homework

This week I’d like you select a single post to promote.

Your first promotional step will be to add a link to that post in the comments section below. When you do so, I’d like you to also tell us at least one other promotional act you are going to take with this post. Third, I’d like you tell us how we can help you promote your post – would you like us to tweet about it, put it on Facebook, “like it” on StumbleUpon, or something else? Finally, be supportive of our community: read the comments and take action on behalf of your build a better blog buddies!

(Blog Promotion Extra Credit Hint: Every week StoryDam hosts a linky post where members of our community can link-up a post they’re proud of. Have you participated yet? Look for Tui’s StoryDam Twitter Chat Linky every Thursday to participate!)


Need more help? Don’t forget to join the StoryDam forum and check into our Build a Better Blog thread. This is the perfect place to find extra help if you need some and to bounce ideas off the community in a discussion thread. (Note: If you have trouble registering for the forum, please read Brett’s awesome post taking you through the steps.)

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    • I LOVE this post, Fida. Sorry it took me so long to come around this week. I tweeted your post, shared it on FB and even put it on StumbleUpon.
      Eventually it will probably be linked to on my blog, too, because I really want to do this survey, too, so I’ll be sure to credit you when the time comes. Awesome job. This is a great post to showcase you!

  1. Awesome post Nicole! I went through my website/blog trying to figure out which post I want to feature and was having a hard time with it. I finally decided on my post, Recipe for a Poet.

    I do have several featured posts in a slider on my home page that I freshen now and then (which I did today after reading today’s TBABB post). I am not sure if Recipe for a Poet is the best representation for by blog and maybe that is because I haven’t written the best one yet. Especially since I have honed the focus of my blog, which though is still me, it focuses more on the poetry than all the other stuff I used to write about.

    Thanks Nicole for doing this TBABB series, it is very helpful!

    • I think this is a great idea for a post to promote because it is the kind of post that will attract fellow poets and writers. Once they’ve come to your blog, then they can look around! I tweeted it and liked it on FB. I think I already put it on StumbleUpon when you shared it last week, but I will check and, if not, I’ll do so now!

  2. Well, I’m completely behind the times because I missed this post last week. I need a better setup for remembering to read blog posts.

    I’ll work on this and get back to you…

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