Book Review – Question of the Day by Al Katkowsky

If you have ever read and enjoyed The Book of Questionsby Gregory Stock, then I have a new book for you from Writer’s Digest to continue the the experiment of delving deep into your and your friends’ and families’ psyches, secrets and emotions. My brother gave me Question of the Day: Where Truth Is The Dare by Al Katkowski for Christmas last year and I love it.

This is not a “sit down and read cover-to-cover” book – it is filled with over 340 questions and, as the title implies, each question dares you to think deeply. This book is obviously a great coffee table book to share with people that come over to your place, but as writers it offers us even more. If you are a memoir writer, I promise that many of these questions will help you find the stand out moments in your experience that need to be shared with your audience. If you are a fiction writer, I believe these can serve as excellent questions for you to ask of characters as you work on their development.

Whether you use this book as a writer, as a party host, or just for yourself I think you’ll find that it has tons of inspiration within. And, as someone who received this book as a gift last year, I can honestly say it makes an excellent gift if you are doing some last minute shopping for next week!

Just to give you a sneak peek at the types of questions this book will ask, I used to pick a page/question from the book for you to answer in the comments:

page 53

(I love the rating system on the bottom of the page letting you know the intensity of the day’s question.)




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