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As writers there is likely no one more important to us than our reader. Where would we be without them? As bloggers we are in a unique situation to shine a spotlight on these fantastic people in order to thank them for their patronage and encourage them to remain faithful to your appreciative blog. When you show a particular reader some special attention, of course you are making their day, but, in turn, other readers will feel a common sense of appreciation by knowing that you pay attention to those who come to your blog regularly.

4 Ways to Show Your Readers Attention

A number of weeks ago we discussed contacting a reader via email in order to make connections with your audience, today’s post is about more public shows of affection. Here are some examples of things you can do for your readers today:

  1. Write about a reader’s blog and send your readers there to comment! If you know one of your faithful readers is a blogger themselves, then a fantastic way to pay special attention to him/her is to promote his/her blog. When I first started blogging on Rivera Runs Through It I was part of an online group of bloggers who were learning how to use StumbleUpon together. I casually called this group my “Stumble Buddies” and each week I devoted a blog post to putting the spotlight on one of my deserving buddies. Here’s an example: Let Brenna Tell You Almost All The Truth – it is short, simple, introduces you to my readers, her blog and send you to some posts you may want to read!
  2. Invite your readers to use your spotlight. Whether you invite readers to do a guest post or invite them to promote something that’s important to them, either way you are offering up a way for them to use your blog to garner attention.
  3. Run a meme of your own! Memes such as Alex J. Cavanaugh’s monthly Insecure Writer’s Support Group or The Broke and the Bookish’s weekly Top Ten Tuesday meme are tons of fun to be involved in, but starting your own based on what your readers are interested in, is a great way to get your readers involved and showing off their own skills. Through the meme readers can share their own insights knowing that they will be read by not only you, but other readers of your blog and participants in the meme.
  4. Highlight readers’ comments in a post. Perhaps the easiest way to show your reader some attention is to write a post about a comment he/she made to a previous post you wrote. This is another great example of an act which will resonate with the spotlighted reader as well as your other readers who may feel even more inclined to comment on future posts with their own ideas now that they know you are truly “listening.”

Your Homework

Head on back to your blog and think about which attention grabber you want to implement. Some require a longer dedication than others and some may not fit your style. That’s fine, work with what fits into your blogging lifestyle. (Note: if you are new to blogging and still haven’t developed a great number of readers, use one of these techniques with a fellow blogger that you respect!). Come on back when you are done and leave us a link to the post you created in the comments. Also, I’d love to know – has a fellow blogger ever shown you any special attention as a reader? How did it make you feel?

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