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SD31DBBB-Day23If you have been blogging for a little while and you have been looking at your pageviews versus your number of comments, you may have discovered the sad truth about the blogging world: blog readers are passive. This week’s assignment is designed to shake those readers free of their passivity; this week you are going to write a blog post to call your readers to action!

call to actionWhat Is A Call To Action?

As Darren Rowse explains in his book 31 Days to Build A Better Blog that there are many different types of calls to action one can employ as a blogger. The primary goal for you is to get your readers to go beyond simply reading your posts and moving on – you are now going to ask them to DO something. There is one major guiding principle in this task that will underlie whether or not your call to action is actually a success:


When you ultimately decide what action to call, you must make sure it is relevant to your audience and your blog. Rowse gives the following suggestions for calls to action, the question you must ask yourself is which one fits your blog and will resonate with your readers. When you write the post to call your readers to action, you can ask them to:

  • subscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter
  • implement some new idea you have written about in your blog
  • write a comment
  • participate in a poll
  • purchase an affiliate’s product
  • make a donation to charity
  • buy one of your products (a newly published book, perhaps!)
  • hire you for a service
  • read a particular post you have written

As you can see, some of these actions are tiny (write a comment on my blog post), while others require a larger dedication to you and your blog (hire your for a service). Only you know which one(s) you and your blog are ready to present at this point.

I will tell you one thing, though, MOST blog readers will not even think of doing any of these things UNTIL you ask them to. If you are wondering why you seem to have so many pageviews on your blog but no one is participating, the answer may be as simple as: you have not invited them to do so. This is your chance: CALL YOUR READERS TO ACTION TODAY!

HWYour Homework

This week your blogging challenge is to pick a call to action (it can be different than the suggested list above) to write about on your blog in order to shake your readers out of passivity! Once you have written your call to action post, leave a link to it in the comments to show our fellow StoryDam readers how bold you dared to be!

Best of luck!

For more on this series see What is 31 Days to Build a Better Blog? or follow along as we go week by week through Darren Rowse’s (ProBlogger)  ebook 31 Days To Build A Better Blog!

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