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Photo (and munchies) by Nicole Rivera


“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”
Richard Bach

Motivation: Reward Yourself As You Go

Let’s Call It The “Brain-Gut Connection”: As Richard Bach explained above, the only thing separating the amateurs from the pros is the ability to get your writing DONE. For me, there is one simple key to ensuring I get anything done: chocolate. Whether it is brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate milk, or straight up chocolate bars, that’s all it takes. There is one key, though, I can only have my treat after I have done my writing for the day. If you have a munchie that you adore and would do almost anything for, why not make it your brand new writing reward?



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  1. What’s my reward…? Shopping at Pier 1! I know, I know, it’s totally random. I just love how it smells in there and then all of the global infused furniture. Maybe it could get expensive…

  2. I just had some very frustrating moments trying to comment an A to Z post so I want to smash a whole bunch of cookies into my mouth and scream!! (or avoid screaming, actually!)

    Ever since I went to a russian bakery in San Francisco yesterday I’ve been craving my grannies mothball cookies, which are sometimes called mexican wedding cookies and sometimes russian tea cakes, I believe… anyway… glad to be here and glad to be thinking and praying this works better than the last!

  3. Snacks??? I like snacks. My fave? Salt N’ Vinegar chips. Best write session munchie food ever! Gotta watch the crumbs and my keyboard though 😛

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