50/50 Writing Challenge

50%2F50 Writing Challenge

Recently, during our Story Dam chat on Twitter, I asked if anyone had heard of the 50/50 Challenge. Everyone said no. I discovered it on Susan Gourley’s blog. What it is, is for fifty straight days, you write at least fifty words on you WIP.

That doesn’t sound too hard, now does it?

Fifty words can be squeezed in while waiting in the line to pay for groceries or while on the bus going to the day job. Heck, you can even write fifty words while sitting on the toilet! The words don’t even have to be in the scene you’re currently writing. Think you can get in fifty of a later scene? Write it down. The goal is to write something, no matter how small, every day.

Do you think you can do it?

I’m challenging all the Story Dam peeps. Take the 50/50 Challenge. Fifty words for fifty days. Tweet us your progress. Use the hashtag #fiftyfifty (Twitter wouldn’t let me do #5050) and #StoryDam so we’ll see it. If you don’t do Twitter, give us an update on our Facebook page. You can also keep track on your blog by giving little updates at the end of posts. Leave the link of your blog so we can cheer you on. And don’t forget to encourage others. Challenges are easier to achieve when you have cheerleaders.

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