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The other Thursday at Story Dam chat, the idea of doing another book promo event like Trick-or-Treat Reads around Christmas time since people get gift cards as presents. In the end, we decided on a New Years Day event called New Year, New Reads. Since I’ve done three promo events like this, I figured I’d jump on the helm and get this thing rolling.

What is New Year, New Reads?

It is a book promotion event where authors offer their books for 99cents on New Years Day. Any book is welcomed. Just if you have adult content, make a note so appropriate aged groups know. Books can be discounted to 99cents OR perma-99cents.

Why aren’t the book’s free like Trick-or-Treat Reads?

The idea behind Trick-or-Treat Reads was on Halloween people hand out candy for free and to do that with books. New Year, New Reads is focusing on gift cards given as gifts. We all know someone who is impossible to buy for. We don’t know what they want so we give them gift cards and they can pick what they want. We are focusing on that aspect and convincing that person to spend that gift card on YOUR book.

How do Authors sign up?

There is a linky list at the end of the post. Add your blog or Twitter or Facebook to it and on New Years Day post what books you are offering and where the reader can grab your book (ie an Amazon gift card or B&N gift card.) As I said with Trick-or-Treat Reads make your book easy to get to. Pin the post at the top of your Twitter or FB or link in the blog post.

Here are badges and banners to use for the event.



If you want to add the linky list to your post, here are the html codes.

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What do readers do?

On New Years Day, hopefully you have a shiny new giftcard to go nuts on. If not, authors have discounted their books, so now is the time to snag a read you’ve been eyeballing for less money.

And that’s it!

Well, sorta. If you are a participating author (not) please help spread the word. Tell other authors you know. Make readers aware that this event will happen and to have any gift cards ready to take advantage of this sale. The hashtag is #NewBooks4Me. There is a Thunderclap campaign you can support. One click and the word will be spread for you on New Years Day.

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