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Big things often start off small. (photo by Tui Snider)
Big things often start off small. (photo by Tui Snider)

Back in the beginning of 2016 I promised to myself that I would do better at promoting my books. To do so, I needed a plan. A daunting task as many a writer knows, but I was determined. In the end, it was surprisingly easy. With 2017 under way, I made a few tweaks and decided to share it here. Why? Because I want you to steal it. Trust me, it’s okay. The plan is actually relatively easy and, I think, a good stepping block to your own promotion.

Big things often start off small. (photo by Tui Snider)
Big things often start off small. (photo by Tui Snider)

Step One:

  • Every third Monday of month blog about one of your books.
I knew I didn’t talk enough about my books on my blog and wanted to change that. It’s a free and easy thing to do, and there is a wide variety of topics about your book you can talk about.
  1. Book cover creation
  2. Character profiles
  3. Teasers
  4. Deleted scenes
  5. Inspiration behind the story
You get the idea right? Just make it more than book blurb and buy links. Include those at the end, but give more to entice people to purchase.
*NOTE* As I learned, whether or not this gets sales is anyone’s guess, but as I said, it’s something free you can do to raise awareness about your book(s).

Step Two:

  • $20 a month on promotion to various site—money can roll over to next month.
Money is the part of promotion that a lot of writers balk at. Most of us aren’t rolling in cash, so we have to budget. That’s why I set the bar low, and you can go lower. The point of this step is to set a budget and stick to it. You don’t have to spend it, but if you decide to fork over some money, don’t break your bank account. Plus, if you look over at Fiverr, you can find lots of gigs for only five dollars.

Step Three:

  • Schedule Tweets about my books every month.

Scheduling tweets is so easy it’s sad. I actually have a file saved with links and pitches, and I copy and paste them into tweets and add a graphic. If you need graphics, I recommending using Canva. It has a ton of free images and is easy to use. Remember, don’t spam. I decided one tweet a month about each book wasn’t over doing it. I spread them throughout the month too.

*NOTE* This is like the blogging. Hard to tell if it leads to sales, and I know some people believe Twitter doesn’t sell books and others who do, so I say give it a shot. At the very least, you should get RTs and that gets more eyes on your book(s).

Step Four:

  • Submit books to one free site every 3 months.

You might be asking why every 3 months? Most free sites I know have a rule on how often they accept book submissions. They don’t want to be spamming their reader with the same book every week or month, so if you do this, it’s good to spread it out over a few months. These sorts of submissions I’ve found work well with free books. (A post for another time.)

Have I convinced you to steal my promotion plan yet? I tried to make it easy and not too time consuming. In all honesty, if I tallied up the time I spent on it per month, it’d probably only be 1 hour. Maybe a bit more depending on how many sites I was submitting to. But if you do things like make a file of tweets (you should have twitter pitches anyways) and links to have handy you can easily copy and paste and be back to writing. If you’d like to see results, I posted stats on my blog and you can see for yourself how the plan worked for me.
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