StoryDam Chat Q’s: We’re Halfway through 2017!

Really love this Back to the Future cosplay team at the Weatherford Comicpalooza! (photo by Tui Snider)
Really love this Back to the Future cosplay team at the Weatherford Comicpalooza! (photo by Tui Snider)

#StoryDam is a Weekly Twitter Chat for Writers

Each Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, writers from all over the globe meet up on Twitter by using the #StoryDam hashtag. We then chat for an hour (sometimes more!) about our various writing projects.

#StoryDam Twitter chat topics vary from week to week, but we cover everything from writing, blogging, indie publishing, creativity, reading, marketing and more. People are encouraged to bring up any aspect of writing that they need help with. It’s also a lot of fun to socialize with other writers!

Really love this Back to the Future cosplay team at the Weatherford Comicpalooza! (photo by Tui Snider)
Really love this Back to the Future cosplay team at the Weatherford Comicpalooza! (photo by Tui Snider)

 Mid-Year Check-in!

It’s becoming an annual tradition here at #StoryDam chat! Every June, I like to ask you guys if you’re staying on track with the goals you made for the year.

I mean, really, doesn’t January seem like a LONG time ago now?


Share links here, too:

Also, as of this week, I’m reinstating the tradition of a Weekly Linky. I’m not doing anything fancy, though. All this means is that everyone is welcome to leave a link to blog posts they’ve written, places they’ve been published, helpful articles they’ve found, etc… Share away! Shameless promo is encouraged!

Here’s the list of questions we will be discussing tonight:

Q1 Weekly #StoryDam check-in: What’s up, writers? Any news? Any challenges you need the group’s help with? [NOTE: Q1 is pretty much the same each week! This gives everyone a chance to talk about anything they want and tell us how their writing is going and to share any exciting news they may have.]

Q2 Who wishes they had a Time Machine for their writing this year? What would you do if you did? #StoryDam #StoryDam #StoryDam

Q3 Any tips for writing motivation or goal setting? What works for you? #StoryDam

Q4 If you’d like to, either now or later, leave a brief summary of your writing goals for the rest of 2017 as a comment at the bottom of this post. #StoryDam #StoryDam

Q5 I don’t know, yet! Maybe I’ll get inspired during chat to tweet out Q5. If you have a good idea for, lemme know on Twitter @TuiSnider, or leave a comment below.

Share your links with #StoryDam chat!

Did you write a blog post recently? Were you published? Did you find an amazingly helpful article that might help out other writers? Great! Please share your links in a comment on this post so we can all check it out after #StoryDam chat. 😀

Thank you for joining us and being part of the Story Dam writing community. 🙂 Remember: Use the #StoryDam tag 24/7 on Twitter to share writing related tweets – you never know who might be online with you! 

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  1. OK, #StoryDam peeps, I’ll go first. Here are my links to share this week:

    Read my interview on Lone Star Literary Life here:

    Check out my preorder for Understanding Cemetery Symbols here: (Both the paperback & ebook are heavily discounted right now. I knocked $10 off the paperback price!)

    Curious how you can make a paperback available for preorder on Amazon? It’s not easy, but Eric VanDerHope lays it all out in this article:

    OK! You’re next! Share whatever you want, #StoryDam peeps. 😀

  2. I started keeping much better records and have seen a shift in my writing because of that – so for the next seven months I am going to stick to this pace (which means developing a daily podcast and then turning it into a book at the end of a series).

    My BIG goal for the rest of the year is to sell 100,000 ebooks!

    If you need a dose of encouragement in your day, check out my Quote of the day – The #GrowingHOPE podcast runs 22 minutes and can be found at

  3. The first part of a two-part series on the Miscon writer’s convention is up on the blog:

    The Saturday Storytime fantasy serial continues here:

    For those interested in joining a weekly word sprint, you can join the group for free on I’ll be posting next week’s schedule soon.

    For those looking for contests and submission calls:

    My goals for the last half of the year remain the same: Get an agent. Finish the blog serial and post each Saturday. Continue the poetry postcards on Patreon. Publish three pieces for pay. I forgot to add this on the chat, but I plan to publish a poetry chapbook this year as well. There are discounts for Patreons!

    • I couldn’t get the word sprint link to work – but I LOVE the idea. Word springs and word wars are top on my list for ways to reach the word count. I’m going to have to look more into patreon. You’ve inspired me.

      • Yeah, the site is super new, so it is still getting polished. Sorry you had trouble. We should friend each other on FB and do it with the messenger on there. I’ve been doing that the last few days with others. It works, and I get my writing goal met easily in that span of time. (Hmm, maybe I should up the goal!)
        Another #StoryDam participant and I did blog posts on this site about Patreon. We discuss the pros/cons and things to think about before establishing your Patreon page. Here’s mine:

          • Normally, 1k/day. But! Since the story I’m working on right now is for the blog, 500 words a day is all I need. Each scene is between 300-600 words. I’ve got it written up through September, if you consider each scene a Saturday.

  4. Hello everyone!

    I am glad to have participated in #storydam tonight, though had to leave halfway through because of my day job (the downsides of being a [legal] drug dealer). Really enjoyed the chat and hope to participate more fully next time. Thanks for hosting!

    On my blog, I share book reviews and quotes from books that I enjoy. Here is one quote about the power of words:

    I’d gladly accept recommendations and requests for book reviews as well!


    • Thanks for joining us tonight, Sophie! A legal drug dealer, eh? Hope you can drop by our chat again, and feel free to use the #StoryDam tag anytime 24/7 for writing related chit chat. 😀

    • That sounds like a reasonable goal! Maybe you can make it more specific and set a certain time as your bedtime? Good luck with that! And please drop by the #StoryDam tag anytime you want to chat about writing. You never know who may be around! 😀

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