2018 New Year, New Reads 99 cent Book Sign Up for Authors


What is New Year, New Reads?

It is a book promotion event where authors offer their books for 99cents on January 1st through 3rd of 2018. Any book is welcomed. Please note: if you have adult content, make it obvious, so appropriate aged groups know. Books can be discounted to 99cents OR be perma-99cents.

Why have a sale right after Christmas?

The idea behind New Year, New Reads 99cent Sale Blog Hop is to attract people who were given gift cards for Christmas. We all know someone who is impossible to buy for, right? We give them gift cards so they can buy whatever they want.  New Year, New Reads offers temptation for people who are ready to spend a little money on themselves!

How do authors sign up for this blog hop?

There is a linky list at the end of the post. Add the link to your blog (or Twitter or Facebook or even your Amazon Author Page) right now. Then, on New Year’s Day through January 3rd,  post what books you are offering and where the reader can grab your book.

Make your book EASY for readers to find and buy! Don’t bury the link. Pin the post at the top of your Twitter or FB or make it prominent in your blog post.

Use #StoryDam and #NewBooks4Me on Twitter & IG

Help us spread the word! If you know other authors, invite them to join in. And when you share your link about New Year New Reads on Twitter and IG, use the #StoryDam hashtag, as well as #NewYearNewReads.

We will retweet your post! Remember to retweet and share the links for some of your fellow authors, too!

Here are badges and banners to use for the event:




If you want to add the linky list to your blog post, here’s the html code:

<!– start LinkyTools script –>
<script src=”https://www.linkytools.com/basic_linky_include.aspx?id=283223″ type=”text/javascript”></script>
<!– end LinkyTools script –>


How do readers participate?

Hopefully, on January 1st through 3rd of 2018, you have a shiny new gift card to go nuts on. If not, authors have discounted their books, so now is the time to snag a new great read!

And that’s it!

Well, sorta. If you are a participating author please help spread the word! New Year, New Reads is definitely a case of “the more the merrier.” Tell other authors you know. Make readers aware that this event will happen and to have any gift cards ready to take advantage of this sale. The hashtag is #NewBooks4Me.

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  1. Joined! You know, everything has been coming together lately for me & promotions. When this starts on Jan 1, THE TRUTH BEYOND THE SKY will be in 3 promotions simultaneously! All free, too.

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