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Welcome-featured-2The mission and purpose for Story Dam is to create a safe environment for writers to come together for support and encouragement for their writing. We are here to help inspire and motivate you to write the stories that are inside of you just waiting to flow onto the page.  It is our intention to help you plow through whatever walls/dams are holding your story back.

Story Dam was created by Brandon Duncan in November 2011. He decided it was time to move on at the end of March 2012 and passed the reigns over to me, Morgan Dragonwillow. I knew this was going to be a bigger job than I could handle alone so I asked Tui SnyderNicole Rivera and Susan Silver to come on board the Story Dam team (though Susan is no longer with us). For a while, Brett Jonas, and Perri Pryor were contributors, but both moved on to other things. Patricia Lynne joined us to help make Story Dam a fun, helpful, and informative place for writers to be.

You can find us on Facebook on the Story Dam group page and on Twitter @StoryDam on Thursday night chat at 8pm EDT with the hashtag #StoryDam

Wonderful changes happening here at Story Dam and we hope you will join in the fun!

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on the Story Dam pages please leave them in the comments below. Or contact us.

Thank you,

The Story Dam Team


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